Who We Are

Historic Revitalization for Missouri is a non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of town squares, downtown commerce and neighborhoods. We aim to make heritage tourism and the related economic impact it can bring to Missouri, a central component of the economic development strategy of Missouri. The organization is governed by civic leaders from across Missouri.

Chief among our concerns is the promotion and continued use of the Missouri Rehabilitation Tax Credit. Historic Revitalization for Missouri works with state and local elected officials, economic development officials and historic preservation organizations to educate the public about the how the usage of tax credits bring economic benefits to local communities.

About Historic Preservation Tax Credits

Since its inception in 1998, the Historic Tax Credit continues to be an important program which helps to support more than $8 billion in private investment in the renovation of historic communities. More than preserving individual buildings, this program creates jobs and contributes to local economies by spurring development and investment in blighted areas.

By providing an incentive for the redevelopment of commercial and residential historic structures in Missouri opportunities are open to any taxpayer across the state. The program provides state tax credits equal to 25% of eligible costs and expenses of the rehabilitation of the approved historic structures.

These resources demonstrate how state and federal Historic Tax Credits are a proven job-creating, community-revitalizing investment throughout the nation.

Historic Revitalization’s Impact in Dollars

dollars in economic growth for every $1 generated

spent on Historic Rehabilitation creates more jobs than the same amount spent on construction

dollars in private investment generated by Historic Tax Credits in Missouri since 1998

dollars in new economic growth over the next three years from already approved projects

Get Involved!

Contact Your Local Legislator

Call your State Representative today and tell them to protect our small towns and historic communities in Missouri! Historic Tax Credits are a key method for revitalizing local communities and keeping our history alive. Each year, they come under threat from our state government. Call today, and make your voice heard.

Support Revitalization of Historic Missouri

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